Sousa Bows was founded in 2002 by Julio Batista, his brother Carlos Batista, and a group of talented artisans. Julio Batista has studied the market for string instrument bow since 2000, and with over a decade’s worth of research, he has accumulated extensive knowledge about the art and skill of manufacturing the finest bows – those required not only by the most demanding players, but also meeting the stringent requirements of world markets. These continuous efforts have resulted in strong partnerships and development of bows of the highest quality, with their superiority having been certified across five continents.

The headquarters for Sousa Bows in currently located in the town of Santa Teresa, in the state of Espírito Santo, in Brazil. It is considered the cradle of Italian colonization in Brazil, with its history dating back to 1874. The municipality, surrounded by mountains, in the mountanious region of the state of Espírito Santo. The remarkable depth of culture, the pristine environment, a pleasant climate, and local culinary delicacies, are the main attractions in Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa stands out for having some of the most exuberant biodiversity in the world, given that about 40% of its territory is covered by the Atlantic Forest ecoregion.

Recently, through Law 226/2012, Santa Teresa became the state capital of jazz and blues and is also know as the land of hummingbirds, orchids and the most importantly, Augusto Ruschi, ho by federal law was granted the title ‘Patron of Ecology in Brazil.’ In addition, the municipality of Santa Teresa is the largest producer of grapes and wine in Espirito Santo, representing 80% of the state’s production.

Togeter with future partnes, Julio Batista intends to develop projects that will benefit this exquisite and storied region that has been the home to Sousa Bows. One such project, vital to the sustentability of the bow industry as well the environment, is the preservation of pernambuco wood. Another equally important project involves investing in the local community and it cultural landscape by helping its underprivileged youth through the establishment of a music school as well as a school of violin making. Somewhat fitting, seeing as this instrument has is origin in the same country as Santa Teresa’s first pioneers back in the ninetheenth century.

Sousa Bows Inc., a company established in the United States, is a partnership between Mr. Julio Batista and Mr. Marina & Mr. Manual Barberiam.